About Dr. Cohen

Irving A. Cohen, MD, MPH, FACPM
  • Irving A. Cohen, M.D.,M.P.H. is a physician practicing medicine in Topeka, Kansas, USA.
  • Doctor Cohen is a Fellow of The American College of Preventive Medicine.
  • Doctor Cohen is Board-Certified in the medical specialty of General Preventive Medicine and Public Health by the American Board of Preventive Medicine.
  • Doctor Cohen obtained his training in Preventive Medicine at the Johns Hopkins University, Bloomberg School of Public Health, in Baltimore, Maryland.
  • Doctor Cohen served as the Chief Resident of Preventive Medicine at Johns Hopkins University.
  • Doctor Cohen is a founder of the Foundation for Prevention, a not-for-profit organization to train others in prevention.
  • Doctor Cohen has made presentations on the role of diet in weight loss and prevention at the following scientific conferences:
    • The American College of Preventive Medicine
    • The Obesity Society
    • The Indian Health Service
    • The American Association for the History of Medicine
    • as well as at local and regional conferences.
  • Doctor Cohen has authored three books for the public dealing with weight-loss and type 2 diabetes, as well as one book dealing with addiction.
  • Doctor Cohen has published in the scientific literature about the evaluation of weight-loss diets.
  • Doctor Cohen is also a Fellow of the American Society for Addiction Medicine.
  • Doctor Cohen is also Board-Certified in Addiction Medicine by the American Board of Addiction Medicine.
  • Doctor Cohen has served as Deputy Director of the New York State Research Institute on Addiction.
  • Doctor Cohen has served as Chair of the Preventive Medicine Committee of the American Society on Addiction Medicine.
  • Doctor Cohen has served as Chair of the Medical Advisory board of the Kansas Commission on Veterans Affairs.
  • Doctor Cohen is a Fellow of the Kansas Public Health Leadership institute.
  • Dr. Cohen has served as adjunct teaching faulty at the following institutions:
    • The University of Kansas, School of Medicine
    • The State University of New York State at Buffalo, School of Medicine
    • The Graduate School in Washington, D.C
  • Doctor Cohen currently directs Preventive Medicine Associates in Kansas.
  • Doctor Cohen currently treats the uninsured as a volunteer at the Marian Clinic in Kansas.

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