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What Professionals have said about our plan.


"I am thoroughly impressed by Dr. Cohen's approach to natural weight management. As a Pulmonary-Sleep doctor, I have a significant portion of my population that is morbidly obese. These people have multiple medical problems, including problems with lipids as well as diabetes. My patients have demonstrated tremendous benefits, occasionally losing 100 pounds between six-month visits. They have done this safely and quickly. I highly endorse the results, and more than anything endorse Dr. Cohen's approach."

William Leeds, D.O., FAACP, Internist and Pulmonologist

"The patients I have referred to Dr. Cohen or suggested his diet to are mostly either type 2 diabetics, or women with polycystic ovarian syndrome. Many of the patients also had hypertension. In every single case, the diabetics were able to get off all or most of their medications for diabetes or if they weren't on medication already, they never had to begin and their blood sugar returned to normal. Most people with hypertension were also able to reduce the amount of medication they take for hypertension. Dr. Cohen's diet makes so much sense. It really is a new way of looking at food and diet and the best part of it is that it works!"

Ximena Garcia, M.D., Internist

"Dr Cohen's New Hippocratic Diet has provided me with an invaluable tool to assist me with patient care in my practice. As a nurse practitioner coordinating a women's health program, I have successfully utilized his diet as an essential component in caring for women who suffer from obesity, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, polycystic ovary syndrome, and insulin resistance. Those following the program have improved dramatically and many no longer need medication to control their conditions. I initiated the diet for myself three years ago, lost 72 pounds and dropped my cholesterol level almost 100 points. I have maintained my new weight for 2 years. This diet has given health and hope to so many who have previously met with failure time after time."

Mary T. Stewart, RN-AP, Nurse Practitioner

"I am a type 2 diabetic. I was diagnosed about three years ago. Nearly all of my relatives on my father's side have diabetes. I have already lost one cousin to the complications of diabetes. I had tried cheap diabetic medicines as well as expensive ones and only had a moderate improvement. I had a formal exercise program with a trainer and still my numbers did not improve significantly. I attended one of Dr. Cohen's seminars at a medical continuing education program and thought, 'Well, this is a different twist on what I have always been told.' So, I got the book, spent a weekend reading it, and enrolled in his program. It has been over a year; my A1c improved to below 6.0: I lost about 25 pounds and my cholesterol improved. All without any medication. I have maintained my A1c without any medication from the first day. I feel much better keeping with this eating plan and I am more active. This is an eating habit, not a diet."

Cheryl West, RN-AP, Family Nurse Practitioner

"My husband's favorite thing to tell other people about me is that for 15+ years of our marriage, every two weeks, I introduced a different diet. At one point, he was ordered [to take] the dangerous "Fen-Phen" to lose 100 pounds to have heart catheterization done; the table would not hold his 400+ pounds. So, to say we have tried it "all" is an under-statement! We were known as the "yo-yo" people, and that was not a compliment but instead showed how we could not maintain any kind of reduction plan for weight loss. I am so glad to share that all this has changed. When I investigated Dr. Cohen's Hippocratic eating plan, which my radiologist offered, I found a plan that was strict but worked for me and my husband. We have completed twenty-four weeks and both been successful. I have lost 36 pounds and Gary has lost 94 pounds. Both of our weight losses have been documented. For the first time, I witnessed my husband's weight at less than 300 pounds. Gary's physicians are elated about this progress. He has cut his diuretic in half per his attending physician's order, and he has reduced the diabetic medicine from 5 different ones to basically 1 medication. His cardiologist told him his cardiac status improved so much he does not need to see him for nine months instead of the three-month schedule he had become used to. You can imagine our excitement that we have done well!! Yes, the plan is strict, but certainly worth any struggle. We now both consider this a life-style and not a temporary treatment."

J.S., Registered Nurse

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